Special Occasions

For an honest and sincere heart is almost always party.


Yes I do

Masseria Saraceno “Al Faro Taranto” is the ideal location to share with your family and friends your perfect day, that of your  wedding day. A prestigious Masseria of 1700 situated in one of the most charming places of the city of two seas, Taranto, will be the beautiful backdrop of unique emotions among large lawns, olive trees, palm trees and a breathtaking sea view. You can count on our staff  with decades of experience in the wedding industry, for the organization of the wedding reception in every detail. The result is a unique and unrepeatable marriage. Your most beautiful dream. We will plan with you every single aspect of the event, depending on the season, will agree on the choice of the most suitable locations, the organization of the tableau de mariage and we will be eager to show you the wide range of table linen for the choice of the mise en place .



Fashion space

Spaces-both internal and external-attention to detail and customizable, solve brilliantly the need for ambients for fashion photography set.

The internal rooms, bright and spacious rooms, reserved exclusively for the period of the photo shoot, and the alluring corners of the garden-surrounded by 2,000 m²-tell and synthesize the best beauties from Puglia, thus making it the perfect location for the lighthouse Masseria Saraceno fashion glamour shots.

In addition, the staff will rely on “Il faro restaurant” which makes available to breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Attentive service and reserved which allows you to play in quiet shooting and sprints, away from prying eyes with all the assistance and professionalism of the management of the facility.


First Communion

When it comes to organizing important events, destined to remain in the memories of our children, trying to choose the best solution for them, but also for all the other guests. To cause an event to be scheduled in the best way possible, we must rely on serious professional and correct. For this, The Masseria Saraceno al Faro is one of the best locations for communions of Taranto.

Our strength has always been inclusive solutions proposed, inclusive of the most useful and popular services: entertainment for the joy of children and the tranquility of the parents, music, entertainment, excellent personalized menus and signed at the lighthouse restaurant.


Save the date


Are there any dates related to events in our lives that deserve to remain framed in our memory and that of our loved ones.

There may be a degree or a master’s degree, maybe an anniversary or a special birthday. In short, an event that deserves to be celebrated and shared with the people we love. The staff at masseria Saraceno al Faro Taranto will make your special date a date to remember. You can count on the support of our team of experts with you will plan the event in every detail.


Work event

Business Conference

Masseria Saraceno al Faro welcomes inside two modern and stylish business conference rooms, ideal location for any corporate event and professional.

It can accommodate both small groups, or private meetings, with seating for up to 120 people.

Spaces already set up and complete with all the most sophisticated audio and video services with internal technical support, without having to predict costs and/or additional hires.

To organize and develop better meetings and events staff is available to provide all kinds of organizational support and pre and post Congress services.


Enjoy the company

Be together

What might happen around a table set with warm and refined taste within a space?

So many things, you cannot try to list them all.

While you’ll find new and authentic culinary experiments of the seafaring tradition of Taranto, prepared with love and with excellent raw materials, leaving lulled by the sweet pleasure of conviviality. Maybe you’ll think of a new life plan, you’ll find a special friendship or simply think that life is a wonderful journey deep inside because I enjoy the little things is the secret key to happiness.