Welcome to Masseria Saraceno al Faro

It’s in the beautiful setting of the city of the “two seas” that rises the hotel Masseria Saraceno al Faro

Masseria Saraceno

Masseria Saraceno al Faro is located in Taranto in one of the most beautiful city of the two seas. Between breathtaking sunrises and sunsets on fire, you will be welcomed and taken care of in a small oasis of peace and quiet on the banks of the mar piccolo. The sounds of the City give way to those of nature: olive trees, raffia palms and lawns will be the frame of your perfect stay.

Spend moments of relaxation and fun to discover the puglia.

Masseria Saraceno al Faro spans 20,000 square meters, offers different depending on your needs and cared for environments including alternate comfortable suites and rooms with sea view.

It is a pleasure to invite you to the restaurant’s gourmet dishes at the lighthouse on the terrace of the hotel, where our chefs propose traditional dishes tarantina postmodern twist and processed with products and excellent raw materials.

Special Occasions

Are there any dates related to events in our lives that deserve to remain framed in our memory and that of our loved ones.

There may be a degree or a master’s degree, maybe an anniversary or a special birthday. In short, an event that deserves to be celebrated and shared with the people we love. The staff at masseria Saraceno al Faro Taranto will make your special date a date to remember. You can count on the support of our team of experts with you will plan the event in every detail.